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What is DJCAA? PDF Print E-mail

The Disc Jockey Certification Association of America is an organization committed to promoting, registering and verifying professional DJs.  We do this via a patent-pending certification process that includes setting specific standards that Disc Jockeys should follow.

This exclusive membership is not available to all DJs.  It's a membership that requires each applicant to pass a *certification process and commit to professional and ethical industry standards.

As a member of the DJCAA, you are letting recording artists, venues and promoters know that you are a true professional DJ.  A DJ that not only knows his/her craft but has been confirmed and verified through a third-party *certification process.

Once you have been accepted, and certified, into the DJCAA; you will have a secure website landing page that confirms your experience, job history, residency and music knowledge.


Why Should I Be Certified? PDF Print E-mail

Simply put, it separates you from the amateur or DJ Hobbyist.  Here's the argument; for years professional DJs have been outbid or undercut by amateur DJs for events and venues.  With today's technology, someone can buy a laptop and software and instantly become a (so-called) DJ.   Now a days, amateurs prerecord their mixes, burn them on a CD or file them on their computer, then stand behind the platform like they're mixing.

Then there's the legal aspect of the business.  Many amateur DJ's will make their mixes available on their website.  They illegally sell their mixes on burned CDs or downloadable files which affects the reputation of all of us.

To be certified by DJCAA, you're guaranteeing the public, recording artists, promoters and venues that you are a certified true DJ professional.

What is the *Certification Process? PDF Print E-mail

It's a patent-pending 3-stage process that is performed by professional staff members of DJCAA.  Each stage of the process is verified and confirmed by more than one staff member.  The first stage is confirming your job history, experience and residencies.  The second stage is a video recording certification process of your on-location mixing skills.  This is done via live video documentation or by you performing at one of our nationwide certification events.   The third stage is your signed commitment to certain professional standards like no music swapping, no online demo downloads,  on-location conduct and more.  It's definitely a certification that not all DJs pass.

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